Software Working Preview

Stepwise product guide to be followed for carrying out process successfully. Follow the steps accordingly to proceed further:

  1. Start Menu » Programs » Revove Pen Drive Recovery Software » Revove Pen Drive Recovery Software

  2. Click OK to proceeds further. Then after click on Scan Disk button to start the process

  3. After that, software automatically list the removable media attached to the system and basic details about pen drive in the right corner of the screen.

  4. Then Double Click on Media Icon and software provides the three recovery options a:-

    • Normal Data
    • Deleted Files and Folders only
    • Formatted Partition
    Normal Scan will be helpful in case you want to scan normal data.

  5. The software starts scanning pen drive for currently occupied bytes and residing files etc. It provides you the complete details about partition that you have chosen i.e. recovered folders, total number of files etc.

  6. Use search option to effectively filter your data with attributes such as File Name, File Size, File Type, Creation Date, Modification Date etc. You can export the searched data from right click context menu.

  7. Deleted Files and Folders scan will be helpful if you want to recover deleted data from the attached pen drive.

  8. After that search option support the Include Deleted Files Only which helps you to export only deleted data.

  9. Formatted Scan Option will be helpful in case when you want to recover data from the formatted partition.

  10. Save the recovered data at desired location on the local storage.