Software Working Preview

Stepwise product guide to be followed for carrying out process successfully. Follow the steps accordingly to proceed further:

  1. Download & Installs Software. Launch the tool from Start » All Program » sql database repair software.

  2. Open MDF file by clicking on Open file option from the navigation bar

    Save OLK14Messages to PST

  3. As soon as click on open button, the new windows pane open with following option
    • Quick Scan: - This option only meant for scanning light corrupted mdf file
    • Advance Scan: - This option can be used in case of high corruption percent in mdf file.
    Check Autodetect option if you want that software automatically detect SQL server version of MDF file.

  4. You can also manually select the version of SQL server version of mdf file from the list default list provided by the software.
    If you select the wrong version then it may lead to inconsistency in SQL file.

  5. To select the NDF file, click on the second tab on the same screen which provides two modes to select NDF file from local storage
    • Automatically detect SQL Server secondary (*.ndf)
    • Let me choose the SQL server secondary database(*.ndf)

  6. When you select the second option which is to choose secondary database file itself then you have to add the file using the ADD file option, or you can choose ADD folder option if you want to recover multiple NDF at a time.Click OK to proceed further.

  7. The software previews the process of scanning with the crucial information such as database Name, version, Size etc.

  8. The software allows you to save the scan of SQL server file for future use.

  9. Select the location for saving .str file and click on save.

    Merge Multiple MAB file into PST

  10. Preview the content of the database. The software allows previewing the database items such as Triggers, Stored Procedure, Tables, Schema etc.

    Merge Multiple MAB file into PST

  11. Select the item which you want to export and hit the export button located on navigation bar.

    Merge Multiple MAB file into PST

  12. Select the export option from two default
    • SQL Server Database: If you want to export to live SQL Server
    • SQL Server Compatible SQL Scripts: A .sql file is created if you select this option

    Merge Multiple MAB file into PST

  13. If you are using Windows server authentication then there is no need to provide credentials but if you are using SQL Server authentication then you have to provide credential details also.

    Merge Multiple MAB file into PST

  14. Select the desired component to be exported from the recovered database.

    Merge Multiple MAB file into PST

  15. Choose any one option from the default option
    • With only schema
    • With Schema and Data
    Click on Save option to start the process of exportation

    Merge Multiple MAB file into PST

  16. A prompt window appears which asking you whether to export deleted items also. Click Yes if you want to recover deleted data otherwise No.

  17. Browse location to save the recovered file. Click on Ok

    Merge Multiple MAB file into PST

  18. When the software completes the recovery process then it show you the completion panel. Click on close to proceed further.

    Merge Multiple MAB file into PST

  19. A windows will pop up which shows the exportation process completed.

  20. Navigate from the location where you save the SQL database.